Åfors glasbruk 40s vase

Delicate Swedish vintage vase with hand-painted flowers, probably produced in the 40s (c. 12 cm). The vase still carries its original Åfors glasbruk label.

Åfors glasbruk was founded in 1876 in Åfors (Southern Sweden) by Carl-Albert Fagerlund. In 1916 the company was bought by Ernst Johansson, who took on 'Åfors' as a last name. His son Eric Åfors became the director of a succesful company (1916-1954): he bought Boda, Johansfors and Kosta glass works and formed the Åfors group. In 1975 Åfors was taken over by Upsala-Ekeby AB, and in 1990 by the Orrefors Kosta Boda group. The company closed down in 2013.